Holiday Practice Update

To keep things simple and as unconfusing as possible, No swimming until Jan. 7th. The pool is closed until after the holidays. I am working on make up days with the school and would like your thoughts. The Varsity team practices until about 6:00 everyday. We could do 6-7 during the week. Or if we wait until Varsity swimming is complete Feb. 15th we could go earlier around 4:30/5:00.

I am putting together a schedule. I know it always makes it difficult to ask but I do like to schedule to accommodate the majority. So let me know you thoughts. If any time would work just reply back can do any. If a certain day at the times I mentioned are out then tell me those days are out. I will allow anyone to come to any make up time or all of them. Even if you swim Sundays only and need to make up 3 you are still welcome to attend all of the make up days. Or if you want to make up your days on Sat. just let me know.

Our first practice in Jan. will be Sat. Jan. 7th. There are still 8 practices in Jan so no loss of days for the month.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Here's to a safe, healthy and very Happy New Year!

Chris, Sergiy and Emily

Pump Broken!

The pump in the Lovett pool is broken and being repaired/replaced.  They had to lower the water level significantly in order to fix the pool and I just got an email from the coach that the water level will not be high enough to hold practice.  Lovett has closed the pool until Monday.  SO, No swimming at all this weekend Nov. 26 or 27 (Sat. and Sun.)

I will find some make up time for this inconvenience.

The next practice will be the weekend of Dec. 3 & 4.

I should be able to adjust the schedule for practice during the Christmas holiday to during the week to account for Christmas and New Year Holidays.

If you need me you can reach me at 404-583-9509.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Chris, Sergiy and Emily

Swim Meet Info

To view information on the meet from the SwimAtlanta web site, you can go to:

There are directions in the document on this site. Also, here is a map indicating specifically where the pool entrance is.

View Swim Atlanta Sugarloaf in a larger map

It is in the same shopping center as a Publix grocery store. When approaching the Publix, you need to go around to the right of the building.

First swim meet - October 8th

Tomorrow is the deadline for the first meet on Sat. Oct. 8th. It is not to late to sign up. If you are interested please email Sergiy by tomorrow as tomorrow (Monday) is the deadline.

Sergiy needs to know the swimmer/s name, birthdates and events you would like your swimmer/s to swim. If you don't know the events, then just tell Sergiy to pick. You can pick a max. of 3 events. If you don't see the age group by age then your swimmer will swim in the open events (which are usually the older swimmers).

I've attached the form so you can see the cost, and events. Sergiy or I will cover the costs, but please reimburse by Sat. Once you sign up for the meet you are committed. If for some reason you can't attend we can not refund the money. This is SwimAtlanta's policy.

For those that attended last year it was very positive and a good benchmark for checking progress. They will be with comparable level swimmers and not against Olympians.

You can download the form here.

Swim Fast,

Upcoming swim meets

We will have swim meets on October 8th and November 12th at the Swim Atlanta Sugarloaf location. Please email me if you are interested in participating. More info will be posted soon.

This Holiday Weekend

Hi Everyone:
We will NOT have practice this Saturday Sept. 3. We will have practice on Sunday Sept. 4th. Oct. has 2 extra days that we do not charge you for so that we can use them as make up days for holidays or unexpected cancellations.

If you Swim Sat's only, then if you are able you can come Sunday.

For those joining in Sept. please come Sunday at 12:30.

Go to our website for directions to the pool, under Practice Facility.

If you need to contact me do so by my cell phone 404-583-9509. I will not have my computer until Sunday so I can't respond to any emails until Sunday.

Chris, Sergiy and Emily

Start of practice

Hi Everyone:

As I sit watching Nationals (USA swimming's biggest swim meet) Swim Meet I am excited for what is yet to come for all the swimmers on FutureSwim. Tomorrow starts the first day of our season. I look forward to meeting all the new swimmers.

For those of you joining later please send your registration 2 weeks prior to your start date.

Our website is up and running. Go to  All emails sent out, will be posted on the website. The registration form is posted under the "blog archive" on the far right side. The directions to Lovett are also found under the tab  "Practice Facility". For your convenience here is the direct link.

Here is the bad news I found out late today, Lovett did not authorize the Wed. practice day.  The reason for this is that this is a very busy time on the Lovett campus during football season. The AD is very concerned about traffic and parking. This is not a permanent no and  I hope to change his mind with more accurate information.  Once I really know who all will be coming I want to present to him the real number of cars we have coming to FutureSwim and hopefully show we will not impact parking or traffic negatively.  So I'll of course let you know if there is any change.  I apologize that this is late getting you the decision, but all my conversations so far with the Aquatics Director have been positive for Wed. happening.  I am very pleased that the Sat. and Sun. times will continue as planned. Please contact me if you need to discuss options or let me know what you plan to do.  Go with Sat. and Sun or switch to one day. Luckily,  this change didn't affect too many, but for those of you that it does let me know.  

The equipment needed for your swimmer is a suit, (board shorts for boys not ideal but will be accepted until you can get some jammers, one piece suit for girls) goggles, competitive swim fins, swim caps for girls and boys with long hair and should be brought to every practice.  The school has kickboards that we use.  If you have any questions or don't have an item for this weekend, we will work around it.  We will post pictures of fin styles and suit style pictures and places they can be purchased. We should have this on the website in the next couple of days.

See you all soon!


Hi Everyone:

I have had both email and internet issues for a few days that I happily have fixed. Including a long term problem. I was able to respond via a remote computer to a few of you and have spent the last couple of hours hopefully responding to everyone else.

The first practice will be Aug. 6th Sat. (Not starting on Wed.3rd). Still waiting for final confirmation from Lovett on Wed. but initially all sounds fine.

Please fill out the registration form and mail to me ASAP. I need your forms to purchase insurance and the information on your children that I need for each is on the form. It will take me some time so the sooner the better. Your children can't get in the pool without coverage.

Chris Lash
Please call with any questions. Or email at, I can respond quickly now.