Equipment for swimming with FutureSwim:
TYR Universal Splice Jammer
  • Jammer Suits for boys - board shorts/loose swimming trunks not recommended
  • One piece suit for girls - Speedo makes a brand for boys and girls called Endurance and lasts 3 times longer than the average suit, worth the money 
  • Goggles - racing style, not scuba mask style 
  • Caps - for all girls and boys with long hair or desire to get comfortable using cap 
  • Competitive Swim Fins 
The items shown here all links to which has very good prices for items. Local locations that sell both fins and goggles are Sports Authority and Kastaway Swimwear.

Sporti Floating Swim Fins
Speedo Solid Endurance
Super Proback Youth
On sale now for $29.95
Speedo Vanquisher Goggles