Start of practice

Hi Everyone:

As I sit watching Nationals (USA swimming's biggest swim meet) Swim Meet I am excited for what is yet to come for all the swimmers on FutureSwim. Tomorrow starts the first day of our season. I look forward to meeting all the new swimmers.

For those of you joining later please send your registration 2 weeks prior to your start date.

Our website is up and running. Go to  All emails sent out, will be posted on the website. The registration form is posted under the "blog archive" on the far right side. The directions to Lovett are also found under the tab  "Practice Facility". For your convenience here is the direct link.

Here is the bad news I found out late today, Lovett did not authorize the Wed. practice day.  The reason for this is that this is a very busy time on the Lovett campus during football season. The AD is very concerned about traffic and parking. This is not a permanent no and  I hope to change his mind with more accurate information.  Once I really know who all will be coming I want to present to him the real number of cars we have coming to FutureSwim and hopefully show we will not impact parking or traffic negatively.  So I'll of course let you know if there is any change.  I apologize that this is late getting you the decision, but all my conversations so far with the Aquatics Director have been positive for Wed. happening.  I am very pleased that the Sat. and Sun. times will continue as planned. Please contact me if you need to discuss options or let me know what you plan to do.  Go with Sat. and Sun or switch to one day. Luckily,  this change didn't affect too many, but for those of you that it does let me know.  

The equipment needed for your swimmer is a suit, (board shorts for boys not ideal but will be accepted until you can get some jammers, one piece suit for girls) goggles, competitive swim fins, swim caps for girls and boys with long hair and should be brought to every practice.  The school has kickboards that we use.  If you have any questions or don't have an item for this weekend, we will work around it.  We will post pictures of fin styles and suit style pictures and places they can be purchased. We should have this on the website in the next couple of days.

See you all soon!