First swim meet - October 8th

Tomorrow is the deadline for the first meet on Sat. Oct. 8th. It is not to late to sign up. If you are interested please email Sergiy by tomorrow as tomorrow (Monday) is the deadline.

Sergiy needs to know the swimmer/s name, birthdates and events you would like your swimmer/s to swim. If you don't know the events, then just tell Sergiy to pick. You can pick a max. of 3 events. If you don't see the age group by age then your swimmer will swim in the open events (which are usually the older swimmers).

I've attached the form so you can see the cost, and events. Sergiy or I will cover the costs, but please reimburse by Sat. Once you sign up for the meet you are committed. If for some reason you can't attend we can not refund the money. This is SwimAtlanta's policy.

For those that attended last year it was very positive and a good benchmark for checking progress. They will be with comparable level swimmers and not against Olympians.

You can download the form here.

Swim Fast,