Holiday Practice Update

To keep things simple and as unconfusing as possible, No swimming until Jan. 7th. The pool is closed until after the holidays. I am working on make up days with the school and would like your thoughts. The Varsity team practices until about 6:00 everyday. We could do 6-7 during the week. Or if we wait until Varsity swimming is complete Feb. 15th we could go earlier around 4:30/5:00.

I am putting together a schedule. I know it always makes it difficult to ask but I do like to schedule to accommodate the majority. So let me know you thoughts. If any time would work just reply back can do any. If a certain day at the times I mentioned are out then tell me those days are out. I will allow anyone to come to any make up time or all of them. Even if you swim Sundays only and need to make up 3 you are still welcome to attend all of the make up days. Or if you want to make up your days on Sat. just let me know.

Our first practice in Jan. will be Sat. Jan. 7th. There are still 8 practices in Jan so no loss of days for the month.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Here's to a safe, healthy and very Happy New Year!

Chris, Sergiy and Emily