Practices Cancelled this weekend 12/30 -31/2023

 Practice is cancelled this weekend 12-30 and 12-31.  We will resume our normal regular practice schedule on Jan. 6th.

2023-2024 Season

The current season is underway as of the middle of September.  We are off to a very productive start.  Our main coaches are Sam Boatwright, Emily Lash and myself of  course.  Both Sam and Emily are USA coaches.  Sam for the CPAC team at Chastain and Emily has been with the Kentucky Clippers.  She is on hiatus as she is spending more time back in Atlanta and moving back soon.  I am thrilled to have such talent on the staff, as well as, a strong group of coaches who are in the water or on deck with the swimmers as needed.

FutureSwim's focus is on technique, which will lead to faster times. I have run thousands of swimmers through the program and so many have gone on to year round teams with many swimming in colleges all over the US. Some the top swimmers in Atlanta area got their technique work through FutureSwim and I am very proud of all the success.

Practice Location for 2023-2024 Season (Sept - April)

Chastain Park Pool

235 Chastain Park Avenue, NW
Atlanta, GA 30342

Times:  Saturdays 4-5pm

             Sundays 1-2 pm

For December we will only be off the 24th.  The rest of December is normal.  Also, Only in December, it is pay by the visit.  I do this because of all the things going on with schools, recitals performances, parties etc etc.  Some people can't make 2 weekends and they don't want to pay for the month when they know they can't be there and they can't fit in the make ups by coming both the Sat. and Sun. the weeks they can make it. When you have been coming and they take a month off, so much ground is lost.  The muscle memory that they have been fixing can revert.  It is much better to come even some vs not at all to not lose progress.  See attached registration form for pricing.  For December, divide monthly cost by 4 to determine the amount you pay per visit for the month of Dec.  The rest of the season (Jan- April) if pay by the month.

2023-2024 Registration Link (fill out and bring to first practice or email it to me)

2023-2024 FutureSwim Registration Form Link