Practice Starts This Weekend

I am asking everyone to come to the session of their first choice.  I may have to ask you to adjust based the numbers.  Right now Sundays are pretty full and there is room in Sat.  

Coach Tim Storsteen will be heading everything today with the help from his wife Angie. Serigy is taking his annual trip to visit his family in Russia/Ukraine. For those of you who know Coach Rob, he will be helping out.

Please give payments made out to FutureSwim to Angie.  If you are paying by cash you can give to Angie and she will mark you down as paid.  

For those of you with younger swimmers 3 and 4.  I need to assess your swimmer to see if they are ready for the program.  I would prefer you come Sundaywhen I am there.  Age is not the determining factor, but ability.  I need to see that you child is water safe, unafraid and can keep up with the group. 

Girls need to wear a 1 piece suit and boys a jammer style competition style suit.  I would prefer they not wear the board shorts which are a casual style for fun swimming.

All girls and boys with long hair need to wear swim caps.

Your swimmer will need competitive swim fins.  I have some for sale in limited sizes and can order any other sizes needed.  All swimmers, even the youngest need them.   Don't worry if you don't have for now.  The coaches will wait to use them until the majority of swimmers have them.  

Remember to join the google group as this program builds the email data base from which I send emails.  Go to   It does not require a password if you do it from the FutureSwim website.  

Also, if you have not turned in your regisration, please bring your registration with you and give to Angie.  For new people.  Right now, Sat. are available.  I am holding off on Sunday's until we see how things look.  

Thank you all very much and we all look forward to seeing you.

2013-2014 Registration

First and Very Important:  If you have not gone to the website and joined the google group located on the right side, please do so.  This group is what I use to send emails.  If you do not sign up, you will miss all email communication from me and that is how we communicate. That includes cancellations due to weather etc. I send out very little emails so do not worry that you will get too many and be annoyed.

Registration for the Sept. 2013 - May 2014 season has now begun. Please print and fill out the attached registration form and mail to me, with your $25 per swimmer registration fee, at the address listed on the form.  I do expect a wait list again but do not know when.  Members will be accepted in order of receipt of registration on a first received first served basis. Practice will begin the first weekend in Aug which is Sat. Aug. 3rd. Practices are held at the Lovett School Natatorium and directions can be found on the website.

I am very excited about the growth of the group. We have a fantastic coaching staff in Sergiy Useinov, Tim Storsteen and several experienced high school swimmers who will be in the water with the beginner swimmers.

You can email me at or call 404-583-9509. If I do not answer, please text a brief message to call and make sure you say who you are in the text. I teach during the day and can not answer my phone until 3:00pm. My voice mailbox is not something I want used due to issues.