Schedule during Lovett's Spring Break 3/8 - 3/16

It is Lovett's Spring Break and we have changes to the FutureSwim schedule.

Sat. 3/8  Lovett Pool Closed, No Practice (Marist not avail. as their pool is booked with Lifeguarding classes.)
Sun. 3/9  Lovett Pool Closed.  Marist unavail.  I am hoping to rent Central Aquatics center on Fairgrounds in Marietta.  Big 10 lane pool we would have to ourselves.  Would schedule it for 1-2:20 and have everyone come then.  Pool is big enough to handle everyone.  Probably could even use another area for the younger ones.  ALL this is TBD until I hear from pool people.
Tues. 3/11  Lovett closed. No practice
Thurs. 3/13  Lovett closed.  No practice
Sat. 3/15 Lovett open and regular practice
Sun. 3/16 Lovett open and regular practice
Because this is a 5 week month we are not losing any practice time.  If a Tues. Thurs. swimmer wants to come on a Sat or keep that 5 practices they can. If a Sat. Sun. swimmer wants to come on a Tues. or Thurs. for that 5th practice, email me and let me know.  No swimmers from the beginner lane (coaches in water) can come on Tues.Thurs.  We do not have weekday, in the water coaches.