It's Time to Start FutureSwim

We have a lot of new swimmers starting and we are excited that you all are ready to swim. The coaches and I met yesterday and I wanted to fill you in on how things will work this weekend.

We are going to be assessing the swimmers this weekend so that we can get them divided into proper lanes. Once we have been doing this for a few weeks it will all flow smoothly. Bear with us as we learn your swimmers and your names and get everyone situated. The assessments may go into next week as some swimmers are out for the holiday weekend.

Equipment/Attire Needed

  • One piece suit for girls
  • Jammer or brief style suits for boys. Board shorts (loose fitting style they were to play in the pool) hamper their swimming
  • Goggles
  • Fins (competitive swimming fins) We have a company we work with who gives us a great price and we can order them It will take about 2 weeks or so. I will bring a fit kit. We can also get goggles so let us know if you need any. Yes, the youngest swimmers need and use the fins the most. This helps them build their strength and confidence.

Swimmers who are just learning their strokes will be in the water with 2 high school coaches. They have all had experience working with these younger swimmers. I will be overseeing their coaching and walking along side the deck instructing your swimmers as well. We also have a few parents also very experienced helping, including Dan Ruehle who many of your children know as he has helped so much in the past and is awesome with the kids.

Our goal is focusing on the technique of swimming because if technique is correct speed will come. Be patient everyone. This is a work in progress and it takes time.

Tuition is due the first of the month. At this time only cash and checks can be accepted. Checks should be made out to FutureSwim.

Please be respectful at Lovett and ask your children to pick up after themselves and leave the pool deck and locker rooms clean. I cherish my relationship with them and greatly appreciate the fact we are swimming there.

See everyone this weekend.